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Location of Munster Indiana

Munster, IN, situated in Lake County, benefits from its proximity to Chicago, being located just 23 miles away from the city.

This town is abundant with countless local, regional and national companies along with valuable community resources.

Munster offers a rich selection of attractions and conveniences for its locals, boasting a diverse range of places to explore. The area is home to several noteworthy spots, including the Community Hospital, Center for Visual & Performing Arts, and Times of NWI Newspaper, as well as the PepsiCo Bottling/Distribution Facility, Whole Foods' Distribution Center, and the LEED-certified Centennial Golf Course. If you're looking for some cultural immersion, you can also visit the Kaske House Museum at Heritage Park or the Bieker Woods Nature Area, with its innovative Public Art & Sculpture Program and 11 miles of bike paths. Plus, the town is known for its Munster Music Festival and baseball teams, such as the Munster Centennials Vintage Baseball Team and Babe Ruth leagues. All in all, there's something for everyone in Munster.

Munster is transforming its surroundings by revitalizing the region adjacent to the former Munster Steel, which is located to the north of Centennial Park.

The town of Munster boasts of its very own Three Floyd's Brewing Company, which has gained a fanatical following among craft beer enthusiasts worldwide. The brewery's annual 'Dark Lord Day' event held in April, has become an iconic occasion, drawing over 6,000 attendees each year, and cementing its reputation as one of the region's most beloved festivities.

Transportation in Munster Indiana

Those visiting or residing in Munster, Indiana have a few options when it comes to airports. Gary/Chicago International Airport is the closest commercial airport, but many prefer flying into either O'Hare International Airport or Chicago Midway International Airport in nearby Chicago. Additionally, Lansing Municipal Airport is situated west of Munster and provides service for general aviation needs.

Munster, Indiana is a charming town situated south of Borman Expressway (I-80/94) and is conveniently located near major highways such as Calumet Avenue and U.S. Route41. In addition, within a 20 mile radius, you can easily access Interstate 65,the Indiana Toll Road, and several other routes including 12, 20 & 30, which make it effortless to explore the surrounding areas.

Top 6 Things to Do in Munster Indiana

1: Munster Community Pool

Address: 8837 Calumet Ave, Munster, IN 46321


Phone Number: (219) 836-6933

The Munster Community Pool offers a perfect opportunity to take a refreshing swim, relax under the sun, and unwind. The public can enjoy the facility from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with numerous amenities like diving boards, lap lanes, and a wading pool specially designed for young children.

2: Sunnyside Park

Address: 7800 Hohman Ave, Munster, IN 46321


Phone Number: (219) 836-6927

Sunnyside Park, located in Munster, Indiana, is a breathtaking destination waiting to be discovered. Its lush greenery, striking plants, cascading waterfalls, and serene ponds make it a hidden gem for those seeking tranquility. Whether you desire some alone time or wish to appreciate the finest nature has to offer, Sunnyside Park is the ideal spot. Come visit and see for yourself why it has become a favorite escape among visitors.

3: Center For Visual & Performing Arts

Address: 1040 Ridge Rd, Munster, IN 46321


Phone Number: (219) 836-1930

For an unparalleled education in the arts. The Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster, Indiana is the place to be. Boasting an array of courses and programs in visual and performing arts, this prestigious establishment has established itself as one of the finest art schools in the country. Don't hesitate any further; come and discover the diverse offerings of The Center today!

4: Community Veterans Memorial

Address: 9710 Calumet Ave, Munster, IN 46321


Phone Number: (219)836-3392

Standing in Munster, Indiana, the Community Veterans Memorial serves as a moving homage to the altruistic men and women who have defended our nation. At the core of this memorial lies a grandiose granite wall, adorned with the names of over 3,000 veterans who hailed from the area.

5: Centennial Park Golf Course

Address: 1005 S Centennial Dr, Munster, IN 46321


Phone Number: (219) 836-6931

The Centennial Park Golf Course in Munster, Indiana, is a captivating and challenging 18-hole course suitable for golfers of all skill levels. This historic course was designed by the renowned architect Donald Ross and opened in 1925, making it one of Indiana's oldest courses.

6: Centennial Park

Address: 1005 S Centennial Dr, Munster, IN 46321


Phone Number: (219) 836-7275

Whether it's a wedding, family reunion or corporate outing, Centennial Park is the ultimate destination. With a multitude of features, your event will be nothing short of exceptional and distinct.

Munster Indiana

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FAQ About Munster Indiana

What is Munster Indiana known for?

The town is a vibrant community that is thrivingwith a rich blend of local, regional and national companies. It also offers awide variety of recreational and community resources.

In 1845, the Brass family established atwo-story inn beside Ridge Road. The inn served as a place where people couldgather and share news. The rambling wooden structure was later incorporatedinto the Munster General Store.

Is Munster Indiana worth visiting?

Munster Indiana has a variety of things to doand see. The town has plenty of parks and a performing arts center, plus anaward-winning brewery, Three Floyds.

If you’re looking for a bit of history, thereare plenty of castles and palaces to see in the surrounding area. One of themost popular is Burg Hulshoff, a beautiful and historic palace built back in1753-1757.

Is Munster Indiana a good place to live?

With a population of 23,111, Munster is agreat community. It offers low crime rates and is family friendly.

The town is home to a number of local,regional and national companies and extensive community resources. It also hasnumerous parks and recreational opportunities.

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Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.